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Ladies Pearl Christmas Pyjamas - PRE ORDER

Snuggle down in style this Christmas with a touch a luxury in our Clark and Beau 'Pearl' PJs. Our pyjamas move away from anything else you will find on the market and with complimentary embroidery they make them even more unique.

With matching boys and girls available you can match your little darlings perfectly. Made with 'Cotton satin' which is 100% cotton, the atlas weave that creates it leaves one side ultra silky and shiny . . just like satin.

They are finished with a detailed smocking to the front, and a delicate red trim. Tuck you and your little one up in style ready for Father Christmas, these are truly magical!

 Mummys can now match her little angels perfectly, we have matching boys and girls pyjamas available in the Pearl collection.

Due to an extremely high demand for our Clark and Beau Christmas collection, all orders will be fulfilled by the 15th of December.